Can I use Inniti® in my industry?

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Metal fermenters
Improve time from product ideas to market
Simon Carlsen
Application Manager

Chr. Hansen
“Inniti’s solutions have allowed us to monitor and control production trials globally without being present.

This has been a great extension of the technical solutions that Chr. Hansen offers customers to improve the time from product ideas over prototypes to final products on the market.”

Easy setup & integration
The digital solution that makes your lab smarter


Illustration of Inniti Connector connecting to a scale, Biomek i7, bioreactor
Connect Your Equipment
Plug the Inniti® Connector into your existing equipment to log your data. If your equipment has any type of port, Inniti® can connect.
Can Inniti connect my equipment?



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Get Your Equipment Online
The Connector uploads your data to the online Inniti® Platform. Securely log and share your data automatically - no USBs required.


Illustration of Inniti SaaS platform on a laptop
Build Experiments & Analyse Data
View real-time data, build experiments, set feedback loops, and monitor energy use from anywhere. Digitalise your lab in minutes.
Use cases
The Inniti® solution can be used in a variety of processes across any industry.
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Research and Development
Automate data logging to improve data quality and accuracy. All of your data is securely stored in the same place and structured in the same way.
Person using laboratory equipment linked via SaaS solution Inniti Connector and platform
QA and QC
Data from your equipment is collected automatically via the Inniti® Connector. Do less manual testing and spend more time utilising your results.
Aquaporin Forward Osmosis Element membranes, Inniti Connectors on lab table
Pilot Production
Build your proof of concept faster and easier. Automate your processes to achieve standardisation more efficiently.
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