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How our clients are using our connectivity solution

Test tubes with laboratory samples.
Automatic data logging & sample tracking
We removed tedious lab paperwork by automating data capture and transfer from the entire process, from sample preparation to final analytical results.
Person using laboratory equipment linked via SaaS solution Inniti Connector and platform
Automation of continuous processes
We eased day-to-day workloads by setting conditional workflows for continuous processes to reduce key person dependency risk.
Person with long black hair working on a laptop in a laboratory
Transfer data to an ELN or LIMS
We securely transferred client data to an existing LIMS or ELN automatically, eliminating USB sticks and manual exporting.
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How does it work?
The central features of the Inniti solution

A screenshot of Inniti's Control & Automate feature on its SaaS platform.
Control & Automate
Relieve manual processes in experiments and workflows in your lab.

Fully automate and monitor entire continuous processes anytime, anywhere.
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A screenshot of Inniti's Track & Trace feature for lab automation.
Track & Trace
Our go-to feature for time-saving and automated sample tracking.

Establish full granular data tracking of your lab processes without taking a single note.
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A screenshot of Inniti's lab equipment Monitoring feature.
A smart way to monitor all of your connected lab equipment.

Design personalised output monitoring and alarms using equipment data.
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Fermentation tanks for alchol-free beer production.
Improve time from product ideas to market
Simon Carlsen
Application Manager

Chr. Hansen
“Inniti’s solutions have allowed us to monitor and control production trials globally without being present.

This has been a great extension of the technical solutions that Chr. Hansen offers customers to improve the time from product ideas over prototypes to final products on the market.”