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A smart way to get real-time data from all of your connected laboratory equipment

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Do you know how much energy your laboratory equipment consumes every year? Every day?

What if you could have data on exactly how much energy your lab equipment uses and when it could potentially be shut off?

With Inniti’s monitoring feature, you can get in-depth data on the energy use of every piece of connected equipment in your laboratory.
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With our Monitoring feature, you can:

See live data from your equipment, including kWh, utilisation rate, and run time.

Set up multiple dashboards for you and your team, divided by laboratory, department, or function.

Optimise your laboratory operations to be more energy-efficient and sustainable.
A screenshot of Inniti's lab equipment Monitoring feature.
4 ways to cut energy consumption & costs in your laboratory.
Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring can address companies’ concerns about high energy prices and environmental sustainability.
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Surbhi Arora, sales specialist at Inniti
Surbhi Arora
Sales Specialist

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