Integrations with Inniti's solution

Seamlessly transfer data automatically to your LIMS, ELN, or any third-party software

Inniti integrates with your existing lab or data processing software

Our SaaS solution enables you to seamlessly transfer data automatically to your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), or any third-party database with an API.

Improve the safety and ease of transferring data within your laboratory.

Automated data transfer eliminates USB sticks and manual exporting to enhance data integrity.

Your data is also managed safely on Inniti’s Platform, and hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure server environment. Read more about our security standards.
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Data integration made easy

A screenshot of Inniti's Track & Trace feature for lab automation.

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Surbhi Arora, sales specialist at Inniti
Surbhi Arora
Sales Specialist

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