Aquaporin A/S

Optimising quality control & data logging

International water technology company

Aquaporin A/S chose Inniti’s solution to optimise quality control (QC) procedures and data logging at its headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

To improve efficiency, Aquaporin used Inniti’s solution to replicate manual QC processes.

Time-Consuming QC

Before installing Inniti’s solution, Aquaporin’s quality control was a bottleneck in the pilot production of its Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis (HFFO) modules. Each manual QC procedure required a scientist to attend to the experiment five times per hour.

These time-consuming processes prevented scientists from devoting sufficient time to research & development.
“Inniti has helped us transform our laboratories and pilot production.
We have a complete overview of our research data, and it is accessible to the whole organisation. By implementing Inniti’s solution, we have been able to save 70% of the time spent on experiments and increased our testing capacity by more than 300%”
Jorg Vogel
VP of Technology Development

Aquaporin A/S
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Data logging and accuracy improved. Instead of combining Excel sheets from different equipment, all of Aquaporin’s sensor data is accessible and sharable on Inniti’s Platform.
Increase in QC Testing capacity
Decrease in experiment time by automating processes
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