Aquaporin A/S

Optimising quality control & data logging

International water technology company

Aquaporin A/S chose Inniti®’s solution to optimise quality control (QC) procedures and data logging at its headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

To improve efficiency, Aquaporin used Inniti®’s solution to replicate manual QC processes.

Time-Consuming QC

Before installing Inniti®’s solution, Aquaporin’s quality control was a bottleneck in the pilot production of its Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis (HFFO) modules. Each manual QC procedure required a scientist to attend to the experiment five times per hour.

These time-consuming processes prevented scientists from devoting sufficient time to research & development.
“Inniti® has helped us transform our laboratories and pilot production.
We have a complete overview of our research data, and it is accessible to the whole organisation. By implementing Inniti’s solution, we have been able to save 70% of the time spent on experiments and increased our testing capacity by more than 300%”
Jorg Vogel
VP of Technology Development

Aquaporin A/S
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Data logging and accuracy improved. Instead of combining Excel sheets from different equipment, all of Aquaporin’s sensor data is accessible and sharable on Inniti®’s Platform.
Increase in QC Testing capacity
Decrease in experiment time by automating processes
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Easy setup & integration
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The Connector uploads your data to the online Inniti® Platform. Securely view and share your data in real-time from anywhere.


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