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The Inniti story

Inniti is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs who were surprised by the amount of tedious work done by scientists and PhDs in modern laboratories.

With the humble ambition of transforming labs forever, the team established the first Inniti Connector to make labs smarter.
From a three-man band to a global scale-up, Inniti has grown to include a full-service solution enabling labs and industrial companies to make their equipment smarter.

The founders’ core vision remains the same: drive innovation in industrial and lab processes.
Latest press and blogs
April 26, 2023
IoT company created in Aquaporin’s Garage - now they have entered into a collaboration
The Danish IoT company Inniti launched as a startup at Aquaporin Garage. Now the companies are working closely together.
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April 25, 2023
Digital - Automated - Connected: Meet Inniti at Future Labs Live Conference in Basel
Meet Inniti at Future Labs Live in Basel! We will host a live demo of Inniti's solution and give a talk on why you need connectivity to create a more digital lab.
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April 19, 2023
Four ways to cut energy consumption and costs in your laboratory
Most laboratories have energy-intensive equipment, contributing to large carbon footprints and high energy costs. We outline four simple steps to reduce your lab's energy consumption.
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We help ambitious companies do more of what they do best - researching, innovating, experimenting, producing, and much more.

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Working at Inniti®

At Inniti, we are a growing international team of techies, salespeople, marketers, engineers, coders, and more.

We are curious, excited, and daring. We work hard during the week but would never turn down a Friday Bar.

If you enjoy working in an open, collaborative, and fun-loving environment, send us your application - we would love to meet you.

We offer full-time and student assistant positions.

The central features of the Inniti solution

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Automate & Control

Our way of relieving manual processes in experiments.

Fully automate and monitor entire continuous processes anytime, anywhere.
Inniti platform feature: automate & control

Track & Trace

Our go-to feature for time-saving and automated sample tracking.

Establish full granular data tracking of your lab processes without taking a single note.
Inniti platform feature: track and trace


A smart way to monitor all of your equipment.

Design personalised output monitoring and alarms using equipment data.
Inniti platform feature: real time monitoring dashboard


Inniti develops equipment connectivity and automation solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti was founded in 2017 by Danish entrepreneurs Malthe Muff and Anders Lund.

Inniti is a growing international team working globally out of Copenhagen, Denmark and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Reach out. We would be happy to help you.
CEO and Co-Founder Malthe Muff headshot
Malthe Muff
CXO and Co-Founder

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Anders Lund headshot
Anders Lund
CTO and Co-Founder

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Thomas Overholt Hansen headshot
Thomas Overholt Hansen
Chief Commercial Officer

+45 31 60 60 16
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Our board

Else Beth Trautner headshot
Else Beth Trautner
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William McQuillan headshot
William McQuillan
Board member
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Karl Xavier headshot
Karl Xavier
Board member
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Anders Lund headshot
Anders Lund
Board member
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Our investors

People Ventures

We back start-ups and founder teams when we’re sure that our operational skillset, experience, and network will bring an original vision to life.

Frontline Ventures

We back B2B SaaS companies with international ambition.


In partnership with banks and private investors from home and abroad, we select and develop Danish companies.

Axilium Holding

A Swedish investment company focusing on early stage technology and life science start-ups.