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March 30, 2023

Two Danish tech companies join forces to solve laboratories' huge climate challenge

Laboratories' fume cupboards consume huge amounts of energy. A single cabinet consumes as much energy as an entire household. A new Danish IoT solution will help reduce the energy consumption of fume cupboards.

Labflex and Inniti have set out to co-create an intelligent fume cupboard monitoring solution for global laboratories. Their solution will combine Labflex’s innovative laboratory furniture and service capabilities with Inniti’s connectivity and remote monitoring solutions.

Labflex is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of laboratory furnishing solutions, and Inniti is a leading supplier of connectivity to lab equipment solutions. The collaboration stems from both companies’ ambition to make laboratories smarter and more energy efficient.

“Fume cupboards are necessary for laboratory safety but consume a lot of energy. We hope that our smart fume cupboard solution will help organisations reduce their energy consumption and optimise their lab operations,” said Stig Blicher, CEO of Labflex.

Uses as much energy as an entire family house

Fume cupboards, which are standard in many academic and commercial laboratories, consume a tremendous amount of energy. According to a Danish Technological Institute study, one single fume cupboard’s annual energy consumption is approximately 10,000 kWh, the equivalent of one ordinary-sized family house. One fume cupboard’s energy consumption contributes to annual CO2 emissions of roughly 11 tonnes and high energy costs.

With the Labflex + Inniti monitoring solution, organisations can gain insights into the utilisation and energy use trends of their connected fume cupboards. The data generated enables laboratories to minimise fume cupboard downtime, avoid unnecessary equipment servicing, and reduce associated energy costs.

Annual savings of approximately DKK 1.4 million

Using the current electricity price index in Denmark, Labflex and Inniti estimate that in a laboratory with 100 fume cupboards, the annual energy savings could be upwards of 30% or approximately 40,000 kW, and 188,270 Euros or DKK 1.4 million.

“We believe that digitalisation enables laboratories to be more sustainable. Our smart fume cupboard solution is a step in that direction, and we are enthusiastic about the energy-saving potential for organisations,” says Malthe Muff, CXO of Inniti.

With the smart fume cupboard solution, users can:

  • Remotely monitor connected fume cupboards in real-time
  • Get insights into energy consumption and utilisation data
  • Receive detailed optimisation reports from Labflex
  • Design smarter processes based on data and insights

Labflex and Inniti are rolling out their intelligent fume cupboard solution and establishing high-value use cases with large Danish companies.

For more information:

Stig Blicher, CEO, Labflex: +45 2486 6541 /

Thomas Overholt, CCO, Inniti: +45 3160 6016/


Labflex is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of innovative, customised furnishing solutions to industrial, technical school, and university laboratories and the research and hospital sector. Labflex provides laboratory solutions to customers all over the world. 

Labflex has been a trendsetter in laboratory design and functionality for more than 60 years. Labflex is a reliable and quality-conscious cooperation partner in laboratory furniture and equipment locally and internationally. Flexibility and user innovation are common denominators for all of Labflex’s solutions. Labflex’s vision is to be a cooperation partner that sets new standards for functional customised solutions where pride of place is given to high safety and an impeccable working environment.


Inniti develops equipment connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti’s SaaS solution collects, tracks, monitors, and utilises data from any laboratory or industrial equipment. Connecting your equipment with Inniti allows you to automate sample tracking, control your equipment, and monitor your lab anytime, anywhere.

Inniti's innovative technology delivers customer-specific, scalable solutions, making them a preferred partner for several global companies in the food and beverage, utilities, chemical, and life sciences industries. Inniti is a growing company working globally out of Copenhagen, Denmark and Sofia, Bulgaria.

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