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May 12, 2022

Three misconceptions that (might) be holding your laboratory back from creating value through digitalisation

Have you or someone in your company ever considered how a digital laboratory or automated processes might benefit your organisation? Did you eventually determine that it was probably too expensive or complex to pursue?

If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you are not alone. Digitalising a laboratory sounds like an overwhelming process to many organisations and lab professionals.

At Inniti, we understand, but we also know that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

That is why we dug out the three most common misconceptions about digitalising laboratories and how to approach them.

Misconception 1: We need to replace all of our old laboratory equipment.

You don’t have to buy the newest or most high-tech equipment - digitalise the equipment you already have.

By connecting your existing equipment and getting it online, you can automate data logging, run experiments remotely, and analyse data on your computer.

If your equipment has any input/output port, there is a high likelihood that the equipment can be connected. With Inniti’s IoT Connector, you can connect and interlink equipment from any manufacturer.

Misconception 2: It will take years.

Buzzwords such as “Lab of the Future” and “Laboratory 4.0” often mislead organisations into thinking the technology to digitalise laboratories takes years or decades to implement.

This is not accurate - there are solutions that enable you to digitalise your equipment quickly and easily.

You can digitalise your lab in minutes with Inniti’s simple solution. Connect your equipment to our IoT Connector device, log in to our online platform, and start using your equipment and analysing data - everything is stored securely in the cloud.

You don’t have to wait years or decades to have a digital lab - you can have it today.

Misconception 3: It will cost millions of dollars.

The digitalisation of your company’s laboratory equipment does not have to cost a fortune in consultancy fees and project scoping.

In fact, many of our collaborators are surprised by how attainable it actually is to digitalise repetitive manual processes in a smart way.

This is especially true when you measure the expenses against the value of precious saved labour time in a QC environment or the speed of product innovation in an R&D organisation.

So, in short, the high-value output that digitalising lab equipment offers greatly exceeds the costs of the process - if done the smart way. 

So, how can you get started?

At Inniti, we believe in starting small, thinking big, and learning fast - a process we go through with many of our clients.

Read our free guide on the topic here: Five Steps to Start Doing More with Your Data, or Book a Call to get started digitalising your laboratory today.

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