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October 20, 2022

5 Takeaways from New Perspectives on Lab Digitalization Webinar

Inniti’s CEO and co-founder, Malthe Muff, participated in an engaging webinar on laboratory digitalization hosted by Sartorius Data Analytics. The live webinar event attracted professionals from various industries who were interested in the topic.

Sartorius Data AnalyticsJohan Hultman, Manager of Embedded Solutions & Partners, discussed automated experimental design using their MODDE® software platform. Malthe shared his perspective on building digital labs based on his experience helping laboratories make their processes more efficient and cost-effective via equipment connectivity and automation.

If you couldn't attend the live webinar event, here we share five takeaways from Malthe’s session:

Takeaway 1: Analogue processes may be holding back labs

Analogue lab processes result in unnecessary manual work for highly educated lab professionals and scientists. It also can yield a lack of normalised data without a central database. These challenges limit what organisations can do with their equipment data.

Takeaway 2: The time to go digital is now

Even if the advantages of going digital are apparent, organisations often hesitate to invest time and resources. They may struggle to translate big digital transformation projects into concrete actions that achieve their goals. These hesitations can delay value-adding digitalization initiatives. The digitalization process becomes more feasible and actionable when implemented with a step-by-step strategy.

Takeaway 3: Connect your equipment to digitalize quickly

Implementing digital solutions produces many benefits for organisations and users in the lab. When equipment is connected to the cloud, it can be digitalized quickly without being replaced. Digitalization and connectivity can also extend the life of ageing equipment and give users more control over the design and execution of experiments.

Takeaway 4: Think big, start small, and learn fast for successful implementation

At Inniti, we believe the best way to implement new technology in laboratories is by starting with a small, high-value use case. We have found that once the use case is operationalised successfully, we can scale the technology quickly over a few months rather than a few years. 

Takeaway 5: We can build the lab of the future together

No single organisation or solution can create the lab of the future alone. Delivering the most value for end-users will be an interplay of the best solutions in the lab digitalization space.

With this in mind, Sartorius and Inniti are collaborating on a combined solution that will enable users to design experiments and analyse data with Sartorius’ Design of Experiments Software (DOE), MODDE, and automate experiment execution on Inniti’s platform.

To learn more about the Sartorius + Inniti solution, contact:

Nicole Skoog, Account Manager – OEM & Strategic Partners Europe, Sartorius Data Analytics |

Malthe Muff, CEO, Inniti: +45 2244 3404 |

Inniti is a laboratory equipment digitalisation and automation company that develops connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti’s core SaaS solution is a cloud-based Platform and an IoT Connector device that logs data, remotely monitors equipment, and automates experiments and workflows.

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