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April 26, 2023

IoT company created in Aquaporin’s Garage - now they have entered into a collaboration

The Danish IoT company Inniti launched as a startup at Aquaporin Garage. Now the companies are working closely together.

Lab professional using Inniti's connectivity and automation solution at Aquaporin.

The IoT company Inniti launched as a startup at Aquaporin Garage, a concept functioning as an incubator for new companies. Inniti has long outgrown the garage, but the company's technology continues to play a role in developing Aquaporin's world-renowned water purification technology.

In 2017, Lyngby-based company Aquaporin offered an Industry 4.0 project to universities, and two ambitious engineering students from Aalborg University set out to solve it. Five years later, the study project has grown into Inniti, an independent laboratory automation company with 25 employees, millions of DKK in funding, and several global companies as clients.

Inniti designs laboratory connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. The company's cloud platform and IoT solution connect and interlink any laboratory equipment. Inniti has built a growing customer base with some of the world's largest food, ingredients, biotechnology, and life science companies.

After several years of contributing to the Inniti platform's development, Aquaporin has become a customer.

Innovative technologies
Aquaporin develops advanced membrane technology that uses transmembrane proteins to extract clean water from salt water and separate harmful substances from wastewater.

The pairing with Inniti came about when Malthe Muff and Anders Lund, CXO, and CTO, respectively, of Inniti, joined Aquaporin through the Aquaporin Academy, which each year facilitates a social, developmental, and educational journey for students globally. In 2017, Aquaporin set a task to automate several processes in their laboratory, freeing up time for highly qualified researchers to do routine work in laboratory experiments.

The two students did the job so well that Malthe Muff and Anders Lund joined Aquaporin's entrepreneurial environment, Aquaporin Garage, where they refined the Inniti solution. The solution consists of an IoT device, an Inniti Connector, and a cloud-based software platform that connects all laboratory equipment to the cloud. The connected equipment ranges from valves, sensors, and pumps to complex fermentation and bioreactor systems, regardless of age, type, or manufacturer.

"We have many standard procedures that can be automated relatively easily. The challenge is that, especially in development work, we need flexibility because you don't just go out and buy an expensive setup for a trial that might only run for a limited period. So especially here, the Inniti platform is great," says Jörg Vogel, VP Open Innovation at Aquaporin.

Open innovation benefits all
As mentioned, Inniti has long outgrown the safe entrepreneurial environment of Aquaporin Garage, but the two companies continue to work closely together.

"It's part of Aquaporin's DNA to assign tasks to students and collaborate with them to generate new ideas. Open innovation benefits the students and us. We have had over 150 students join our academy and have hired 23 researchers from that talent pool. In the same way, we have continued to work with Inniti, helping to develop the Inniti platform. This has required a lot of resources, but we have undoubtedly saved more than we have invested in the project," says Vogel.

Inniti develops laboratory connectivity and automation solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti’s SaaS solution enables labs to automatically collect, track, monitor, and visualise data from any laboratory equipment.

Inniti's innovatfive technology delivers customer-specific, scalable solutions, making them a preferred partner for several global companies in the food and beverage, utilities, chemical, and life sciences industries. Inniti is a growing international team working globally out of Copenhagen, Denmark and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aquaporin is an innovative water technology company dedicated to natural water treatment with operations in Denmark (HQ), Singapore, Turkey, the United States, and China. Aquaporin works to preserve the Earth’s most valuable resource – water – by combining advanced bioengineering, open innovation, and natural aquaporins, nature's own water purifiers, which they embed into water purification membranes and solutions. Their proprietary technology, Aquaporin Inside®, is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and is used to clean and reuse water in industries, in our homes, and even by NASA in space. Aquaporin works with customers and partners around the globe to responsibly treat industrial wastewater, concentrate food and beverage products, and enhance drinking water quality and accessibility.


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