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April 3, 2023

Five benefits your lab is missing out on by not going digital

Tedious and manual workflows for logging data into your LIMS, broken USB keys, endless conversions of PDFs to text or excel documents, and constant manual monitoring of lab processes.

This is the reality of many modern labs today - maybe also yours?

If so, you are not alone.

Many global companies in the process industry have yet to harness the potential of connected lab equipment and lab automation. And they are missing out.

We gathered a quick overview of the biggest gains and benefits of increasing the connectivity and integrating lab automation:

Benefits, gains, and cost savings of lab automation with Inniti

1. Reduce manual data logging costs

No more typing data into Excel sheets, transferring data via USBs, and double-checking results. When your lab equipment is connected, your data is logged automatically. 

Automatic data logging solutions reduce the time spent logging and transferring data by hand.

Eliminate the tedious steps from your data logging process via laboratory automation.

With Inniti’s connectivity solution, you can connect any equipment to enable quick and easy automatic data logging.

We have seen that, on average, labs reduce data logging costs by 70% when they implement a simple lab automation initiative such as automatic data logging.

2. Extend lab equipment's lifetime

Upgrading or replacing equipment can be expensive and, in most cases, unnecessary.

Instead of replacing equipment that works well in your lab, invest in a connectivity solution that digitalises what you have.

Almost all equipment has a connectivity port, which allows a connectivity solution to communicate with it.

At Inniti, we have found that when we connect legacy equipment, companies find new data and insights they did not know were possible.

Connect your equipment and extend its lifetime by approximately 3-5 years, depending on its function and age.

3. Ease backtracking of errors

Have you ever had to stop production after finding an error in your data, costing thousands of Euros and wasting precious time?

Unfortunately, this is more common than you would think.

With granular sample tracking, you can reduce or eliminate undiscovered critical errors that lead to these production shutdowns.

Inniti’s Track & Trace feature tracks your data and sample journey in real time, giving you an in-depth understanding of when and how errors occur throughout your workflows.

This reduces time spent backtracking errors in tests and experiments, saving money throughout the process.

4. Reduce key person dependencies

What would happen if a senior or key laboratory employee quit tomorrow?

Due to highly technical processes or specialised equipment, a few people in the lab may build up significant knowledge over time.

If their expertise is not shared or transferable, losing a key person can have costly consequences.

Digital solutions and laboratory automation enable labs to run processes more efficiently and with less manual input.

Automating complex processes and making data more easily sharable can help mitigate KPD risks in labs.

5. Gather equipment utilisation insights.

Do you know how often you use each piece of equipment in your lab? Are you running your equipment when energy prices are high?

You can get detailed answers to these questions and more with a monitoring solution.

You can gather in-depth data on your equipment's utilisation and energy consumption in real-time.

This data can help you build an energy optimisation strategy to reduce your lab’s footprint and operational costs.

How to Get Started Digitalising Your Lab

Based on our experience working with everything from small laboratories to global production sites, we have seen that integrating digital solutions results in positive ROI.

The average return on investment in a 3-year contract for Inniti’s SaaS equipment connectivity solution is 200-800%.

Don’t let your lab miss out on any benefits or cost savings. Book a discovery call with Inniti to start digitalising and connecting your lab today.

Inniti is an equipment digitalisation company that develops connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti’s SaaS solution enables you to automatically collect, track, monitor, and visualise data from any laboratory equipment.

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