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June 29, 2022

Danish IoT company to digitise Kalundborg's new education, research centre

Originial Danish article by KommPress | English translation by Inniti

Inniti will provide its IoT solution to Kalundborg's new biotechnology education and research centre, Helix Lab. The new innovative centre will be the first of its kind in Denmark to be fully digitalised, with the ambition to attract graduate students from home and abroad to carry out projects in biomanufacturing, Industry 4.0, and sustainability in collaboration with Kalundborg's industry.

The up-and-coming IoT (Internet of Things) company Inniti will have the honour of providing the digital backbone for Kalundborg's new education and research centre, Helix Lab, which was inaugurated in February.

The centre's process and analysis laboratories will be equipped with Inniti's proprietary IoT platform, which will connect all laboratory equipment in the cloud - regardless of age, type or manufacturer.

"Helix Lab will support Industry 4.0 projects, which are very much about data in the cloud, wireless connectivity, and easy data logging. Therefore, we need a state-of-the-art digital backbone, and we are really happy to have a Danish partner in Inniti, which can deliver exactly the solution we need," says Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director at Helix Lab.

Over 1.5 million pieces of equipment

Inniti was founded in 2017 by CEO Malthe Muff and CTO Anders Lund. The core solution is an IoT-based platform - developed by Muff and Lund while they were engineering students - that easily and cost-effectively logs data from laboratory equipment. In doing so, the solution can significantly reduce the time that researchers and students, for example, spend on routine laboratory work.

In short, the solution consists of the Inniti Connector, available in both physical and virtual versions, and a cloud-based software platform. The Inniti solution can connect to over 1.5 million different types of laboratory equipment - from valves, sensors, and pumps to complex fermentation and bioreactor systems - and via Inniti’s software, data analysis and execution commands can be sent back to the equipment.

In Denmark, Inniti's solution is used by water technology company Aquaporin and ingredients producer Chr. Hansen. Now, Helix Labs’ students will benefit from more automated workflows - for example, easy logging and cloud storage of data.

"It's a big pat on the back for our company to be selected as a supplier for such an ambitious project as Helix Lab. I am confident our solution can help create the best conditions for conducting world-class biotechnology research," says Malthe Muff.

Graduate students from home and abroad

Helix Lab has been made possible by a significant grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation and sponsorships from Novo Nordisk and Novozymes. The first graduate students started in January and are just finishing their thesis work.

The centre will - on the shoulders of Kalundborg's strong biotech industry - provide the framework for a research and education programme in Kalundborg that will attract graduate-level thesis students from Denmark and abroad.


"Our ambition is to create the best possible framework for conducting top-class research so we can attract some of the very best students to Kalundborg. Thereby strengthening the area's already strong position in the bio-industrial field," says Thomas Neergaard.


He points out that Kalundborg's biotech cluster includes companies such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, and Chr. Hansen, and has over 5,000 industrial jobs.

Installation and implementation of the Inniti solution will start at the end of June.

Contact details:

Malthe Muff, CEO, Inniti: +45 22443404/

Thomas Neergaard, Scientific Director, Helix Lab: +45 72482225 / 


Helix Lab is a first-class knowledge centre in Kalundborg that strengthens collaboration between industry and research. The centre supports and accelerates the translation of new academic research into specific solutions that will drive Industry 4.0 and the green industrial transformation. Danish and international graduate students in engineering and science have the opportunity to do their thesis projects on bio-production, circular production, or industry 4.0 in collaboration with Kalundborg industry at Helix Lab. The ambition is to create an attractive learning community that trains and develops talent locally while strengthening cooperation between universities and Kalundborg's bio-industry on research and innovation.


Inniti is an IoT company that develops lab operations and connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti's Connector and cloud-based platform enable companies to access, analyse, monitor, and use data from laboratory and industrial equipment. Inniti's innovative technology delivers customer-specific, scalable solutions that make them a preferred partner for several global companies in the food and beverage, utilities, chemical, and life sciences industries. Inniti was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Copenhagen.

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