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October 31, 2022

Creating Value in Labs through Digitalization: A Step-by-Step Approach

In a recent webinar, Malthe Muff, CEO & co-founder of Inniti, introduced a step-by-step approach to digitalising and automating laboratories. Here are three takeaways from Inniti’s session at the Lab Manager Automation Digital Summit.

Did you miss the webinar? Watch a recording of the session here.

One of the main hurdles organisations typically face when digitising and automating their laboratories is the perception that it is only beneficial if they invest significant time and resources into the process.

This perception is not accurate. Laboratories can benefit from any level of digitalisation right now, from supportive software and automatic data logging to simple process automation.

In this webinar, Malthe Muff introduced a step-by-step approach to digitalising and automating laboratories.

Here are three relevant takeaways from the session:

Takeaway 1: The path to a fully digital lab doesn’t have to be linear

Building a digital lab can be achieved by introducing digital solutions or strategies over time. There are high-impact solutions that do not require total automation or digital transformation. The sooner your organisation starts digitising, the better equipped it is for the future, but it is not a binary or linear process.

Digital solutions and strategies are typically more viable and value-adding when implemented incrementally.

Takeaway 2: A successful digitalisation strategy requires stakeholder buy-in

Laboratory digitalisation is an interdisciplinary practice between laboratories and IT departments. Digitalisation projects can be stalled if these departments don’t work together to understand each other’s needs and goals.

Laying a solid foundation where these stakeholders are involved early in the process can contribute to swift installation time, long-term solution success, and smooth scalability down the line.

Takeaway 3: Start small and scale quickly to deliver optimal value

Malthe’s step-by-step digitalisation process utilises small but scalable use cases, capitalising on projects that bring tangible benefits quickly. For example, automating data logging from equipment can eliminate manual labour and produce higher-quality data without an entire lab transformation. 

After successfully deploying the first use case, they can use the results and learnings to scale the original use case or plan the next project. Typically, organisations are eager to expand the digital solution to other processes or departments once the use case delivers concrete improvements in efficiency and data quality.


Almost every laboratory can benefit from some level of digitalisation, regardless of the equipment age, budget, processes, or equipment function/manufacturer. Now is the time to digitalise, but many practical and cost-effective options exist beyond a fully AI-controlled “lab of the future.”

Thank you, Lab Manager, for hosting our session during the Lab Automation Digital Summit event.

Did you miss the webinar? Watch a recording of the session here.

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