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December 8, 2022

Automation: Arla's instruments get new digital life in the lab

Many tasks in R&D laboratories are done manually by highly qualified professionals and students. For a research project at Arla Foods Ingredients, PhD student Freja Mardal automated her membrane filtration experiments using Inniti's connectivity solution.

As part of her business PhD at Aarhus University, Freja Mardal investigated how to optimise membrane filtration to separate caseins and whey protein. The process is typically used in cheese and yoghurt production.

Freja spent a decent portion of her time manually noting measurements and operating instruments in the lab. Freja also experienced challenges integrating data from different instruments, so she investigated automation solutions to help optimise her laboratory processes.

Inniti's equipment digitalisation and automation solution was the most flexible and viable option for a small-scale experimental research project.

Now, Freja builds digital process diagrams, defines experiment parameters, and sets alarms if specific values are exceeded, all on Inniti's software platform.

Using Inniti's solution helps Freja precisely control the parameters of her processes, allowing her to get more precise results.

Read the full Ingeniøren article by Laurids Hovgaard (in Danish): Automatisering: Instrumentparken i Arla får nyt digitalt liv i laboratoriet

To learn more about how Inniti's equipment connectivity solution has benefitted the project, book a call with a solution specialist.

Inniti is a laboratory equipment digitalisation and automation company that develops connectivity solutions to make labs smarter. Inniti’s core SaaS solution is a cloud-based Platform and an IoT Connector device that logs data, remotely monitors equipment, and automates experiments and workflows.

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