Make your lab smarter.

The Inniti cloud-based Platform and IoT Connector solution enables you to access, analyse, monitor, and utilise data from your laboratory and industrial equipment.

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Screenshot of Inniti's software solution analysing data logged in real-time
Valued for its scalability and flexibility
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No more manual data transferring. Standardise your data collection for easy analysis. Control and automate your processes from anywhere at any time. Monitor your equipment's energy consumption.
Data logging made easy
At Inniti®, we know first-hand how tiresome it can be to conduct proper data logging when utilising industrial and lab equipment from multiple manufacturers.

We aim to relieve industry professionals from the repetitive work of extracting and delivering data. We help any lab or industrial facility make their equipment smarter.
Enable R&D to innovate new products using our flexible no-code lab execution system.

Help QA & QC ensure high-quality output through our built-in monitoring and automation service.

Ease pilot productions through our intelligent feedback loop function.

Monitor energy consumption to reduce costs and optimise your laboratory’s operations.

Inniti® can do it all.

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“Inniti has accelerated our research & development.”
Mads Andersen
Head of Forward Osmosis Product Development

Aquaporin A/S
“Before, we had a lot of time-consuming and repetitive processes, like QC tests and benchmarking. These processes are now automated, which has increased our testing capacity and freed up time for other tasks.”
The solution that connects to anything
The Inniti® solution connects to more than 1.5 million pieces of equipment, ranging from fermenters, pumps, scales, sensors, probes, and valves to complex bioreactors, manometers, and chromatography systems.
Additionally, the Inniti® solution integrates seamlessly with equipment from any provider, including Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Mettler Toledo, Danaher, Roche, Zeiss, and more.

You name it, we connect it.
Inniti® Platform
On the cloud-based Inniti® Platform, you can securely log and share data, monitor equipment, visualise data in real-time, and automate workflows.
Your data is automatically normalised and can integrate into your existing ELN, LIMS, or ERP systems.
Inniti® Connector
The Inniti® Connector is an IoT device that comes in physical, virtual, and desktop versions.
The Connector seamlessly connects equipment of any age or manufacturer and automatically sends data to the Platform.
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How does Inniti® work?

Get Connected

Our unique Inniti® Connector is optimised to connect to any equipment from any manufacturer.
Inniti Internet of Things Connector

Collect Data

The Connector automatically logs your data on the Inniti® Platform.

The data is normalised and stored in one place, speaking the same language.
Screenshot of Inniti's online platform to monitor equipment remotely and build experiments

Monitor & Analyse

Monitor your equipment and visualise your data in real-time on the Inniti® Platform.

Automate processes, build experiments, and set data-based notifications.
Screenshot of Inniti's software solution analysing data logged in real-time